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January, 11th 2017
Very nice and despite the hurried pace, quite non-fussy melody that makes you if not sing along, but at least to shake the foot to the rhythm. The rhythm is set by guitar, the vocal is a bit low, but it does not spoil the impression – it fits perfectly into the overall sound. Crossbreed of country, pop and rock is always a good combination for easy song. Reference: Ewert and The Two DragonsWikipedia

(In The End) There's Only Love lyrics - Ewert and the Two Dragons

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(In The End) There's Only Love Song Lyrics

Shake me up from the dreams
Life is only worth
When you give it away
And when you're done you've learned
There is nothing that's greater
And there is nothing that weighs more
'cos you grow and you grow
And with years you'll know
There is only one thing
In the end to show
You do it wrong again and again
'til it's too late to stop and then
You look into their eyes
But you can't stop your lies
And then you're all alone at nights
All you wanted from me
Was the gift of love
But for reasons unknown
You said I was too far
I felt I cannot come closer
Then you said it was over
I really tried when I said
I did my best
- I guess I thought
You'll do the rest
We will meet in the corner
'cos together is warmer
Then the feeling starts
And it fills your heart
And in the end there's only love