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Stroller Strategy, The Soundtrack CD. Stroller Strategy, The Soundtrack

Stroller Strategy, The lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

January, 11th 2017

Stroller Strategy, The album description:

When we hear the phrase "French comedy", everything becomes clear at once. The French romantic comedy – what could be more obvious? The French romantic comedy, which involves a small child – that's what. The motion picture, where each committed stupidity is filled with love – just how French people know how to show it.
This is tenderness, enclosed in frames, despite the absurdity of the plot.
The protagonist is a young man who was left by the girl because of his reluctance to have children. It is understandable – he is young and adult life with the burden of a child seems so far away and unwilling. Love for the ex-girlfriend does not go out of his heart, but he has to release the corner of his mind for another tender feeling – by the odd chance he has to take care of infant, who is not his child.
Of course, we will see a lot of absurd situations and frank fear of newfound daddy, and even more, as a stupid best friend of the protagonist. Do not expect much of the film in terms of profound meaning, because everything here is obvious: love conquers all.
The soundtrack is very rich; the album has more than two dozen of songs, including modern artists such as band with a funny name Pony Pony Run Run, and the incomparable master of the French showbiz ТУТНАЗВАНИЕПЕСНИ with his song Happy Birthday (Balletto) . Special mention deserves the dual track – Babies' Paradise and its sequel named Babies' Paradise 2.
In general, the album can be described as very quiet and melodic – in principle, like the rest of the French language, where every word seems to be about love.
Reference: To learn more visit movie profile on Rotten Tomatoes, read film review on Hollywood Reporter

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