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December, 18th 2015
Piano notes as if sound in the shrilly silence and emptiness of the Universe. Dark, boundless and bright with myriads of stars. Empty and populated with quintillion of creatures. Who fight, born and die. Who build spaceships and destroy entire star systems, trying to escape from the inevitable fatalism. Who build a whole planet, spending septillions of credits, while on other one someone raises his ship out of the swamp with a power of mind. And on Earth, lost in one of the five sleeves of the Galaxy, nearby the yellow dwarf star, located on the outskirts of stellar civilizations, people enthusiastically look forward to a new event, which is just about to shine as bright supernova – Star Wars VII. On December 18, 2015. 14.3 billion years of Galactic time. Be there. Earth, 3rd planet from the Sun.

Trailer main theme lyrics - John Wiliams

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This composition "Trailer main theme" contains no lyrics and completely instrumental.
Melody was included in original CD album "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" from official Movie soundtrack in year 2015.

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