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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Album Cover

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tracklist

Star Wars: The Force Awakens album description:

This film is the most anticipated one of several decades! It has already paid off in advance (in which nobody doubts), therefore it has been allocated as much money as it wanted and even a little bit more on its creation (namely, fantastic USD 0.2 billion). Its commercial budget is also enormous – two months before the release, everybody speaks of the premiere. It has several trailers. And teasers, the first from which was released more than a year before the official premiere! Do you imagine? Even Avatar wasn’t promoted so much, which grossed more than 10 times bigger at the box office than its budget of USD 237 M (and it was the only film that is closest to the mark of box office of USD 3 billion and had two premieres!).
Here the situation is even wider – with advertising, the film already spent USD 423 M. The huge quantity of people says of it and its fantastic figures in box office predicted by many. It is actually zombying of public and condemning the film to the inevitable success. Someone said about 1 billion, and someone swung even further, predicting that 2 billion will be crossed easily. The film will open in the largest number of theaters around the world and on its premiere weekend it must collect certainly not less than USD 0.5 billion.
As for the music, the majority of the collection is projected as instrumental. For almost a year people work on their creation. The constant theme of all six parts will be here for sure – the one that originally was written by John Williams (Star Wars Theme), who was invited to this project also. Several modifications to famous title theme will clearly be present. The Imperial March is likely here too. The only question is whether it would be entirely instrumental, or anything other will also be. This all we’ll know at December 18, 2015.

November, 12th 2016


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