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Psychopathic Nut lyrics - Bey (actor Momolu Stewart)

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Psychopathic Nut Song Lyrics

When crazy breaks, nigga is there
I'm f**kin crime, pack the guns
Leavin niggaz numb, on the f**kin ground
Little whores like, Thug Life
at the stoplight, bout to get up in they guts
Call me Little Buckin Put Put, Psychopath Nut
When they get up in your f**kin case
it's my little nigga down for a devil named Face
What the f**k, did they want?
It's the motherf**kin blunt, from this G's, ABC's
Where the f**k I'm from
Niggaz better run if they don't catch up
They ass get bucked
by my motherf**kin four-fifth
Knock you off motherf**kin, ass
Not afraid to blast, give me all of the cash
So I can quickly f**kin dash, die, fo'-five
in the motherf**kin game sellin cocaine bro
My f**kin brain like Jesse James
Now what the f**k?
You're f**kin with a Psychopath Nut
Put on my f**kin glasses and bout to bust a nut
in your ass motherf**ker as I blast see I's
in the f**kin cut, with a motherf**kin mask on your face
You shouldn't have never f**ked with a nigga from the Bates
So known to pack a steel, keepin the sh*t, really real
Motherf**ker you ducked, tried to hop up in the trunk
Got bucked down, so motherf**kers really front
The judge tried to understand my motherf**kin deal
I pack the steel, slam dunk you like Shaquille O'Neal
The judge
(I had to be strong.. that sh*t is dope yo!)
Ha ha, dang man, got some talent witcha man
(Oh yeah, oh definitely)
That sh*t was tight Mo'