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The Black One lyrics

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The Black One Song Lyrics

Stew: Who lends the club that speakeasy air?
The Black One! The Black One!
Who dances like a God and has "vunderbarr" hair?
The Schvartza!
Now he's the life of every soiree - he'll give the bum's rush ennui -
turn up these light cause I barely can see...The Black One!
Is he the post modern lawn jockey sculpture?
Female German Artist: The Black One.
Stew: The Black One!
Or just a soul on a role exploding your culture - that black one.
An artist creates surfaces -
and then comes the fee, he's doing the same thing -
except I call the surface me.
Girlfriend: He's dancing in a cage
but I'm the one with the key -
and he's the black one!
He's the real voice of America, and Berlin listen closely:
Speaking as a Negro from "therica"
he was automatically
Youth: Am I real Now?
Stew: An expert on its evil.
Girlfriend: Can he feel now?
Stew: An authority on its crimes.
and He can wax lyrical, his knowledge was almost empirical,
of oppression from the present back to slavery times.
Chorus of German artists: Who let's us know zat we're in ze right place?
Ze black one! Ze black one!
Who's go ze times painted right on his face?
Ze Black one!
He's living truth 'cuz his life is a dare - in L.A. had two left feet, our Berlin Fred Astaire.
He's so down to earth when he's moonwalking on air.
Girlfriend: Just cause he's the black one!
Youth: I'm the ghetto warrior - yowza!
Stew: Oh, The LAPD never thought he was that cute -
but now a squad of Ice Queens are in hot pursuit.
Youth: I'm SuperFly in the buttermilk!
German Female Artist: and we find him Zerr Gutt!
Youth: 'cuz I'm the black one!
German Female Artist: I envy you so much. I want to be re-incarcerated as a black man!
Stew: Oh Yeah!
[Thanks to Steve for lyrics]