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Prologue / We Might Play All Night lyrics

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Prologue / We Might Play All Night Song Lyrics

You don't know me and I don't know you
So let's cut to the chase, the name is Stew
And I'll be narrating this gig so just sit tight
We might play all night
And on the road, me her and this band
For ten thousand days of one night stands
And oh, by the way can we crash on your couch tonight
I said is that alright, is that alright
Is that alright!
But before we count it back to your uptown flat
We're gonna do a little play since you came for that
A play where this band tells you where it's at
So just follow along, just follow along
Just follow along!
Now if this mike feeds back and the drums rock out
If the amp explodes and the bass played pouts
Oh if you're ever not sure what I'm all about
Just ask the song
Just ask the song!
Just ask the song.
[Thanks to allegra for lyrics]