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Throw It Out lyrics - A New Brain Cast

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Throw It Out Song Lyrics

Stupid books,
all his reading,
his brains bleeding,
I know why
Cause of books
they have made his brain explode
Damn these books,
so much flotsam,
I could plotsum I distressed,
Who'd have guessed,
books would make his brain explode.
Book called mother courage,
always about mothers
what about the others, fathers and the brothers
Throw it out
Teres a mothers kisses, always it's the misses
Never its the tata, literary the schmata
Throw it out
If I don't throw out the books
I will throw myself out the window
a**hole, yesser he's an a**hole
How can he just sit there,
Thinking he will die
where's his fight and vigor
this then is my rigorous reply
Book my Norman Mailer,
Throw it out, egotistic jew
how to meet a saylor, good son
throw it out, what's a mom to do
Search for Warren Harding who's he, show him out, I just keep discarding you'll see
Throw it out, and you'll come through
Here's what you'll do, throw it out
I trust he won't see me crying,
I'll keep on denying what's becoming clear
Tts just, even though he's dying
he will see me laugh and joke and snear
Throwing out is petty which i must admit, but it's deeply felt
Still i'm getting ready to deal with the sh*t I've been lately dealt.
Bye bye goes his trollop,
bye bye life sure packs a wollup which I won't deny, but will come through
Here's what we'll do
Throw it out
Long live what's mine,
screw all of Gertrude Stein
Throw it out
[Thanks to Annie for lyrics]