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Yes lyrics - A New Brain Cast

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Yes Song Lyrics

Yes is a good word
No is a bad word
The preferred word in any kind of situation is
Yes I can
Oh yes I'd like to do that
Yes the world's increasingly abusurd
Yes, yes, yes is a good word
Yes, yes, yes is a very special word
Yes I will do that
Yes I will go there
Yes I will live a good and a true life
Yes I'll survive whatever you throw at me
Yes the world is grand
When there's a moment, grab it and shake it
Take it in your hand
Yes I will
Yes I can
Yes I might
Yes I will put an honest fight
(Nurses & Bungee in round):
Yes I'll be fearless/Yes I'll be fearless
Yes I'll be honest/Yes I'll be honest
Yes I will live my life with emotion/Live with emotion
Yes I'll have courage, yes and devotion
Yes I will survive (ah ah ahhh)
Yes is the word that opens the door to being most alive
Yes there's joy
Yes there's love
Yes there's zing (yes)
Yes I absolutely have to sing
Yes, yes, yes is a good word (yes, yes, yes)
Yes, yes, yes is a very special word
Except when a stranger says get into my car
Say no (no!)
Or when someone says, would you like to lose your virginity?
Someone with whom you have no affinity say no, no, no, no
(No, no, no, no)
No, no, no, no, no no no!!
(Yes is a good word, no is a bad word)
(spoken/yelled) What is this nonsense about virginity? It's a goddamn children's show! I never know what the hell you're
writing about Schwinn! I want a SONG. A song YES. Yes I will do my homework, yes I will work, in the garden. YES I will go
with my grandparents to ISRAEL! Instead I get this nonsense about somebody who loses their virginity, to those with whom they
have no... "affinity". Affinity! It's a goddamn children's show! Alright, look, you're sick, you're in the hospital, you got
this brain thing. But you know what? I'm gonna get my son to write this song.
Where's my son?
(Where's my son?)
(Where's my son?)
[Thanks to Mii Mii for lyrics]
[Thanks to Abby for corrections]