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What's This I Find lyrics

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What's This I Find Song Lyrics

Your're here. It's true
It is as I was told
This man and you
For how much were you sold?
Our vows! Our name!
You squander then on swine
And worse - This shame
Before your family's shrine
This girl is mine
Who are you?
What's this I find
You have joined with the blind
And do none of you see what's ahead?
What's this I find?
I see losers and whores
Who will soon be gone or be dead
Get out!
You have no right to be here
I'm not a prize you can claim
We were promised at thirteen
The woman I've become
Is not the same
That promise made by your father
I will claim when we win
To break a a vow of your parents
Is worse than a sin
My parents got themselves killed
In the week you changed side
If there were promises
All of them dies when they died
(CHRIS and THUY pull guns. The girls scream)
He's got a gun!
(GIGI and the GIRLS leave quickly)
Kim, leave this man behind
Go on!
And Shoot!
I will not change my mind
Your are still mine!
Not anymore!
You're mine until we die!
Get out of here!
Saigon will fall
And so will your G.I.
She'll leave with me!
You broke your father's word
This is your curse!
(THUY runs out and down the stairs. CHRIS runs out after him, but he's gone)