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Move lyrics - Ox

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Move Song Lyrics

We bounce, roll, rock, groove.
Do what the f**k we want to!
Ain't no rules, we acting a fool!
Now grind to the beat.
Muthaf**ka, let's move!!!!
[VERSE 1:]
Yo, listen this a bang, bang. I ain't playing main, main.
Still, still kill it, kill it with the with the flame, flame.
Got it pass locked, locked people on the block, block.
Bang when they rolling cause they know that sh*t'll rock, rock.
See them bodies drop, drop. Yeah, that sh*t is so official.
We get it hot, hot. Killing it is not an issue.
I got a problem with you... Yeah, I hear that sh*t a lot.
Till I start to breathe, breathe on 'em, then they screaming stop!
They try to ride with me, but they all falling off.
Nobody can can stop me, I hit em like a Molotov.
I pull back and explode on a beat.
Then watch them hit the ground and explode on the street.
[VERSE 2:]
See I'mma a monster, I unleash the iron horse.
I need beef when I eat boy I'mma carnivore.
I need that feed-back...
That you only get from chopping a man at the kneecaps.
I relapse, ease back.
I got tendencies of making you bleed with a mean ax.
He's that demented, seriously twisted dude turning your face to a speed bag.
A heavyweight henchman rocking a ski mask,
With enough guns to make the army mad.
But they ain't trying to fight that dude.
So when he comes into there sight they just... MOVE!