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Crimson Rain lyrics - Ox

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Crimson Rain Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I guess you’ve seen it on the live
They’re interested, it’s time to survive
It’s over, it’s over, if you stand, you stop, you ran outta time
Now now, if I was you I might just watch my head
Coz if you can’t keep them eyes open you goin end up dead
Brown Coat and heavy, on the mother f**ker
Ain’t no way that you’re getting up out of that
Had a chainsaw, pack a lil punch
I can hit you from the front, blow a hole out you’re back
And you wonder how my soul got so black
The same way that a heart rate fades
The same way that a man’ll stop breathing
If you put a hole in his chest with a blade
I’ll push him out with ma spade
I’ll show you to your last day
I’ll guarantee you’d beg for death or not and live through this pain
I’ll give you something to die for
Baby let’s go insane
And we can paint the town red
Now show me that crimson rain
Verse 2
In the flow, continues to rise out the corners, pushin’ a new ride
Somthin goin on the real big wheels, just that body bag means that you been doin alright
And we go'n keep them clients comin till there aint no more room
Until they break from trying to hold em cos they can’t take the fumes
Yes sir, its murder time, it’s time to let go
Let’s make it hurt this time, lets give em some mo
I need 'em to see me comin, I need 'em to run in fear,
I need 'em to think they got away, just to find out I’m here
Chorus x 2
Verse 1
Beg for death, or not, and live through this pain
Die for, lets go insane
Red, now, show me that crimson rain
[Thanks to Kinger for lyrics]