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December, 09th 2016
Barbarianna was performed by Christoffer Ling. Heavy rock that performed quite well. Word are shouted, as befits a heavy rock, and their meaning is in general, a secondary thing. Listen if you want, at least, for some quality from the soundtrack of compositions to this movie. This can represent one, but still, don’t expect much. Reference: Christoffer Ling Discography at Discogs

Barbarianna lyrics - Christoffer Ling

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Barbarianna Song Lyrics

Coming down from the mountain,
She's a killer machine
Arm strong and her aim is true,
And now she's looking at you
She's got force like a tiger,
She's the style of a dragon
When she's making her move,
There's nothing you can do!
Barbarianna at the scene of thunder,
She's the warrior wonder
When she's coming to get ya,
You will never forget her