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Kung Fury Album Cover

Kung Fury

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

Kung Fury Tracklist

Kung Fury album description:

Not all films have to live forever. Not everyone can have a flawless story to tell. For example, there is a serious doubt about the viability of the storyline, where the main character returns to 1985 to kill Hitler ninja...
However, what was shot on tape once, does not to be turned up, so let’s try to describe the soundtrack.
It is based on techno and rave much and played alike ( Phoenix Rising or West Side Lane), despite the fact that, apparently, several artists must have been to diversify the given selection. Nevertheless, neither Mitch Murder nor David Hasselhoff did it.
If you are asleep or have been in a coma since 1970 and came out of it just now, only actual melodies will sound from this motion picture for you. Although only somehow different is Careful Shouting – it was quite unexpected to hear a jazz song here, but nevertheless, it’s there. And even quite good, in the style of music to the TV series named “The Moonlight Detective Agency”, which was a start site for career of young Bruce Willis. However, all well and solidly performed jazz compositions are similar if they have a pipe or, at least, the saxophone. Both are present in this one here.
The overall impression of the collection of songs for the film is pretty much neutral. It leaves nothing to catch with heart after listening.

December, 09th 2016


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