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November, 14th 2017
The very gloomy classic song made by Johann Sebastian Bach. Even from Bach’s works, it is one of the gloomiest. It is completely devoted to Christ, a son of God, and it is definitely majestic in its magnificence but not any part of this song is destined for everyday listening. Rather, you’d listen to it once in a lifetime just to raise the level of own intelligence & to forget about the very existence of this piece of the oeuvre. Why? Because it brings the mood down, it de-elevates it even if you have had a cheered mood before you’ve started listening to it & it is clearly not too applicable to the modern life. Reference: Listen on Deezer

Herr, unser Herrscher lyrics - Münchener Bach-Orchestera

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Herr, unser Herrscher Song Lyrics

Herr, unser Herrscher, dessen Ruhm
In allen Landen herrlich ist!
Zeig uns durch deine Passion,
Dass du, der wahre Gottessohn,
Zu aller Zeit,
Auch in der größten Niedrigkeit,
Verherrlicht worden bist!
Lord, thou our master, whose repute
In every land majestic is!
Show us through this thy passion
That thou, the very Son of God,
In every age,
E'en in the midst of deepest woe,
Art magnified become!