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Killing of a Sacred Deer Album Cover

“Killing of a Sacred Deer” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

“Killing of a Sacred Deer” Track List with Lyrics

‘My kids won’t be seeing this movie’ tells Nicole Kidman to the press about the film. And we fully understand her mother’s feelings – shooting in such a terrible movie is a hard undertaking while watching it is not less hard test for a person with a normal mental state.
The film with plenty of horrific tiny details tells the story of a boy that seems to have some supernatural abilities. He curses the family of a surgeon who wasn’t able to save a boy’s dad on the surgical table 3 years ago. The curse is as follows: the surgeon’s (Colin Farrell) family will suffer through the loss of normal health of their children – first, their legs will not walk, then they’ll refuse food, and then, at the final stage, they will have the bleeding from their eyes before imminent death. It can only be stopped by a surgeon himself by choosing which one from the family to kill violently – according to a boy’s hellish desire. Nothing moves the boy from his adamant way of revenge until the surgeon takes a gun and chooses blindly to kill one member. It turns out to be the boy, his son. After that, his daughter gets well.
The music has been selected to underline the gloomy way of the narration: Johann Sebastian Bachis represented by ‘Herr, unser Herrscher’, Franz Peter Schubert in Michel Corboz’s’s understanding is presented with ‘Jesus Christus schwebt am Kreuze’ and both songs tell in their lyrics about Christ and some of his last moments. The next association to Christ and the faith, in general, comes from ‘Carol of the Bells’ song performed classically by Lachey Arts Choir that do not add nor take from lyrics that usually have the uplifted mood. But somehow in the entourage of this film, this song turns out sullen and hinting on despair raving in the hearts of the main characters. Even Ellie Goulding sound different.

November, 14th 2017


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