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Shehron Ke Raaz Lyrics - Prateek Kuhad

Soundtrack: How to Date Billy Walsh

Song Lyrics

Shehron Ke Raaz Song Lyrics

कैसे ये दिन, कैसी ये रात है
बस मैं और तुम इस पल में साथ हैं
तुम जो कहो तो बातें भी ख़ास हैं
तुम जो सुनो तो अँधेरे में साँस है
बदली ये धुन, बदली ये राह है
बस मैं और तुम शहरों के राज़ हैं
तुम ही से दिल में आई ये आग है(तुम ही से दिल में आई ये आग है)
तुम ही से मन में आए एहसास हैं(तुम ही से मन में आए एहसास हैं)
अब मैं और तुम शहरों के राज़ हैं
अब मैं और तुम शहरों के राज़ हैं

English Transcroption

Kaise yeh din
Kaisi yeh raat hai
Bas main aur tum
Is pal me saath hai
Tum jo kaho toh
Baatein bhi khaas hai
Tum jo sunoh toh
Andhere me saans hai

Badli yeh dhun
Badli yeh raah hai
Bas main aur tum
Shehron ke raaz hai

Tum hi se dil me
Aayi yeh aag hai
Tum hi se man mein
Aaye ehsaas hai
Ab main aur tum
Shehron ke raaz hai

April, 30th 2024

Song Facts:

  • Genre: Indie Folk

  • Lyricist: Prateek Kuhad

  • Composers: Prateek Kuhad

  • Soundtrack: Featured in the soundtrack for "How to Date Billy Walsh"

Artist Info:

Prateek Kuhad is an acclaimed Indian singer-songwriter known for his soothing sounds and introspective lyrical deliveries. He burst onto the international stage in the middle of the last decade and has gone on to be considered one of the most important artists on the indie scene from his country. Kuhad's music is light and often delves into the themes of love, longing, and personal reflection with a gentle acoustic arrangement and his soft, emotive vocal style. His bilingual ability to write in Hindi and English makes his songs appeal to a very wide base and thus are accessible to listeners across cultural divides. Kuhad, with his soft, minimalistic music, has this unique capability of touching deep emotions, which has brought him fans who venerate him and critical acclaim in the global music community.

Annotations and Meaning:

"Shehron Ke Raaz" translates to "Secrets of the Cities," an attempt that is intimate through the verses of Prateek Kuhad, into the state of intimacy and belonging against the canvas of the plight of urban chaos. The lyrics relate to a shared experience of secrecy between two people that points out that all the same, his private moments are just part of this great anonymity of city life. The line "कैसे ये दिन, कैसी ये रात है / Bas main aur tum is pal mein saath hai" celebrates the value of the present time being together with a friend or a lover, pointing out that time somehow seems to stop when a person is with his special one.
The lines of the song, "बदली ये धुन, बदली ये राह है / Bas main aur tum shehron ke raaz hai," in a metaphor, claim to say—this couple changed themselves, just as a song or road changes—secrets of the city that only these two possess. These changes are indicative of a greater relationship—an overrelationship that seems to transcend the surface ties binding our lives.
Kuhad tenderly paints the intensity and purity of the heart with minimalist strokes. The repetition of the line "तुम ही से दिल में आई ये आग है / Tum hi se man mein aaye ehsaas hai" (It is from you that this fire comes into the heart, it is from you that these feelings come into the mind) reiterates more strongly the impact of the relationship on the speaker, pointing to love that is transforming and illuminating. The song is as simple and tranquil as its lyrics, leaving behind the spirit to find peace and deep connection in this world of impermanence.

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