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SAM B Lyrics


Tonight Lyrics

Tonight Song Lyrics

Don't say a word I know your thoughts.
Your eyes on me, I feel the rush, ooh
Come closer, tell me, burn me, feel, and touch, yeeea.
You have that fire, raise it higher. I won’t let you go, let it burn.
Your body super tease and that controls my mind.
Tonight you got me falling and I trapped tonight.
Tonight, girl
You’re mine, yeah


October, 08th 2016
These lyrics consist of only 8 lines, revealing the hot desire of the female singer to some other girl, who has the special fire burning inside of her. Tonight, they’ll have togetherness and closeness. She says of it in slightly different way – she will not let this girl go, she will let her fire burn further. And she wishes this fire was raised higher. A singer hopes her lover catches her when she falls down. Very short song, only 1:40, too short for such vivid impression & music.


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