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Honey 3: Dare to Dance Soundtrack CD. Honey 3: Dare to Dance Soundtrack

Honey 3: Dare to Dance lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 08th 2016

Honey 3: Dare to Dance album description:

It was released on DVD, Blu-ray but never in the theaters. Vast fragments of this piece are already on the Internet (YouTube it to find various cut-offs). As for the plot – nothing extraordinary – a girl dances – faces some difficulties – overcomes them – gets love – wins in some contest. Therefore, this film is only for extreme lovers of dancing.
Even the music is only for dancing scenes in the track list. But they are plenty. That is why, there are over two dozen songs in the soundtrack, and most part of them is dance. There are, indeed, great variety of genres, like rap (All My Love), funk (Apache), blues (Closer by JMR), pop, hip-hop and some of the list are instrumental. Blues are for underlining snotty moments, which still have to be so the viewer believed in this film. As no one likes movies, where everything is pink and glossy. Well, there are such movies, but their audience primarily consists of girls dressed like princesses, of 3-7 years old. Growing older, you stop overestimating such creatures, like this motion picture.
The overall length of every piece of music for this, basically, musical film, is of 2-3 minutes, but there are that last 1 and up to 2 minutes. They altogether contribute to the variety of genres of the tunes, making it at least not boring. The most hilarious clip here has song Dessert sang by Dawin. While the most major in terms of quality of a picture and of a storyline in lyrics has ‘Want To Want Me’. Would you agree that not much music has such provocative lines, where it says that a girl met a boy in her apartment wearing nothing but smile? Lyrics of ‘Want To Want Me’ have this and it is wanted immediately to watch this clip, because of its peculiarity – the lines usually tell what is going on the screen.

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