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Paradise Lyrics


Devotion Lyrics

Devotion Song Lyrics

Cal, Cal, Cal [x4]

[Verse 1:]

It's all about that cash money that I'm makin (that's right)
And crooked Ass cop tryin to shake in take it
They can never understand how a woman could be a hustlas
Without gettin laid, I make my money game
I don't promote a violent attitude, but my mind snaps
To cause psychological flashbacks, so listen up ya'll
This sh*t can get a bit explicit, come closer so you don't miss it
As A girl was taught to respect those who respect me
But now that I've grown up, that seems have changed
Nobody ? the cops really gives a f**k about cha
Life is go on fine with or with out cha, that's why you need to learn
The tricks of the trade keep ya' glock cocked so you can get paid
And catch a po-po slippin
while he tryin to jack a nigga for his riches, yea


True devotion
That's what it is
To the hustlas and the playas
Yea that's right
Got a notion
I got a notion
To smoke the playa haters

[Verse 2:]

They try to murda, murda
Or get the young nigga for his churta
Better respect it, cause' if you won't
That's when they hit cha wit' a bomb rush
Shake down beat down coutin yo ends as they roll through town
I'm goinn to flip'em, if I catch a sucka strippin
Extra clip on my hip I don't slip
We can go toe to toe so that cha know
Like Roy Jones it'll be another KO
1st knock out drag out like heavyweight champion ?
I surrounded be demons that wanna try me it seems like time
Is steadily passin by me, in a rubble of greed I'm steady striven
I just keep on keep on survivin (yea)

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 3]

Well if you ask me no question I can tell you no lies
Nothin comes easy in life it's all about Paradise
I'm not the whose to blame for the fame I can't be tamed
I'm not takin no shorts I kick ass and take names
They wanna hold me back, but I'm goinn make my stack
I'm livin phat and you can best believe that
It's gettin hectic but check it I'm not a busta
I gotta show my devotion to all the hustlas (yea)

[Chorus repeats and fades]