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Freak Somethin'

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Freak Somethin' Lyrics

Freak Somethin' Song Lyrics

Da da da dadaa, da da da dadadaa
Da da da dadaa, da da da dadadaa

Ain't sh*t poppin but f**kin, suckin and freakin
this weekend, if you ain't wit it don't bother speakin
Niggas still fallin in even though he's fool dog
Wouldn't get these hoes up off me if I could y'all
And we gon' pass the pussy, ain't no hogs man
Tommy passes to Butch, Butch passes to Dogg, man
Sippin tall cans, nigga that we all can
Fall up in these hoochies, coochies or love wrinkles
Now baby what's your name so we can start the game ho
Of course I wanna freak, what you think I start the game for?
I put my cards on the table, you know
somebody gettin f**ked (Oh really!?!), for sure
You smoke that small-class indo, do that dance and drink
I'm plottin plans, schemes and scandal on how to get that stank
(You just want me for my body!) You goddamn right
You like my tattoos, I got you, it's on tonight


Now understand it's my masterplan is to keep you bumpin
Keep it pumpin cos y'all motherf**kers gon' freak somethin'
(Da da da dadaa, da da da dadadaa)

Ain't no denyin you know that I be eyein your body
Now who can get freaky as Zuzzy (nobody!)
Awright then, y'all player partner comin like a whirlwind
Niggas get upset, I'm f**kin e'rybody girlfriend
Hoes say I love em, f**kin up my good name
But if she think I love her, f**k it I sure some good game
Love when I see your number in my pager
Time for some complex sex, the way ya
lick on my di*k is the sh*t, I want it
Juicy all up in your mix, I'm on it
Bring the homies in, now the show begins, we about to clown
Tell them hoes "Take off them clothes", we about to freak em down, b**ch
gon' *?moun?*
See their hide-'n'-holy now she all up on me
like she my homey but I'm knowin that she don't know me
sh*t, I'm doin freak tests and baby this your freak lesson
Y'all done turned this goddamn party 'to a freak session

[Chorus (x2)]

Down to the nitty-gritty, what you wanna do now?
Ask your girlfriend, sh*t, juicy got that boo-yow
Down wit these Death Row niggas, check your figures
Long as I make these hits my cheque gets bigger
Hoes wanna act upset and get mad, see
knowin deep down in they heart they can't have me
But they glad see when I show em little ends and not to mention
starters get contract extensions
Be clearly when you hear me, girl what you say? Aaah...
I don't think you're ready for this Little Rock player
I puts it down for the Southside, make hits on the Westside
God bless them Little Rock streets where the best ride
Real players love it, real player haters hate it
Represent til I die, 85-0-6 relate it
Where my player partners keep it real, keep it tight
keep it pumpin, keep it jumpin, keep it poppin, keep it hype

[Chorus to fade]