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Lettin' Niggas Know

Threat Lyrics


Lettin' Niggas Know Lyrics

Lettin' Niggas Know Song Lyrics


Ooh, it's the LA Zoo
We funk with the flow and let niggas know
That it's ooh, it's the LA Zoo
We funk with the flow and let niggas know that it's...

[Verse 1:]

It's the king of the jungle and I can't be tamed
Take you all the way to the millenium brain
It's the return of the yearm, Mr Funky Worm
Heat it like a bottomless kettle, let it burn
Blow my flow you cannot handle
I'm bumpin and I'm humpin like a camel on your radio channel
It's me T-H-R-E-A-T
Live for '95 most definitely
In fact, under my styles are low jacked
to stop Petie stole his rhymes from the Zoo tribe jeep
You're dead wrong, unto what tribe they yeb along
So we can know your name when we send ya back home

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]

You made a jam so now the nigga think he Van Damme
You must didn't know I take off like Pan Am
Wreck ya like a pinto, pop the instrumental
and attention ladies and gentlemen
It's the bomb, I did it, I lit it, let em hit it
and it's stronger than the humpty with the chrondo dipped in it
And this is for your midas, just to sink into your fangs
It's the deadly dope man, pumpin thru ya veins
Raised in the Bow 213 area code
where the criminals dig up your grave lookin for buried gold
The universe'll soon be mines in due time
You can't tangle with the one from killer Cali's triangle
Deep deep deep down under the dungeon lies your doom
I write the dynamite and watch it TICK! BOOM!
Looney in the tunes be groovin in your sleep
cos in the speakers and technique is way to freakish

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]

Up above the world so high
like the stars up in the sky
I'm funky with the flow, understand you
Brown babies from Atlanta just love me like candy
I give the mom a lendin, should've fed me right
Shot to the let em wait on the Eastside
I keep my eyes on the sparrow, hos, afros and arrows
can't kick it cos it's wicked like the pharoah
And a walk with the devil is a level far beyond
From de Babylon come many redrum
So follow as we journey thru the creepy, sleepy hollow
Take this 40 ounce bottle, see how broke niggas is tomorrow

[Chorus to fade]