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Music Video

Friday Night

Scarface f/ CJ Mack Lyrics


Friday Night Lyrics

Friday Night Song Lyrics

[Intro: Scarface]

Damn, this a b**ch
We ain't gotta motherf**kin thing
Ring CJ do what he doin in Cali-for-ni-a
Hey, wuz up nigga, it's Face
(What up Fizzace?)
Feelin I'm gone come f**k wit you
(Come on down loco)
Ai, please have some b**ches, please
(Ha ha ha) Ha ha ha

[Verse 1 (CJ Mack, Scarface)]

Locc, I been hustlin all week
Tonight's the night I dips 'n try to step up in a freak
I call this ho named Tiki, she got homies we can twist
All we need's some chronic and a motherf**kin fifth
Is you wit me locc?
What's mine is yours and what's yours is mines
When I'm in Houston you be treatin me fine
I scoop you up in L.A.X. around 6
I scootch you through the hood, then we gone get up in these tricks
It's Friday night

Two players in a black 5-0-0
Slidin down the shore, gettin at every fly ho
I'm wit my homey, ain't nobody set trippin
Drops my sh*t off at his house and then we kept flippin
Now see y'know your nigga don't sleep
Homey enough and see
Well, hand your nigga some heat
So I can feel warm in these cold ass L.A. streets
Now hook ya nigga wit some L.A. freaks, baby
It's Friday night

[Hook: CJ Mack]

Straight sellin with my Texas G
Stayin sucka free as I L-O-C
It's Friday night

[Verse 2]

[CJ Mack]

Two players on a hoodrat chase
You niggas can't see me and you can't see my nigga Face


First thang we do is hit the club
I'm seein hella b**ches in the corners tryin to show your homey love
This b**ch is fly as a bird
And gotta ass that could swang from California all the way up thru

[CJ Mack]

Hold up locc (What?)
I know that flea
She been out 'n club hoppin since '83 (Ain't this a b**ch)
And the b**ch is still hoin
See, get at broke b**ch and fake smile and keep strollin locc (Riiiight!)
See them busters in the corner, they don't like my hood
I don't like their hood so it ain't all good
So keep ya eyes on em
Cos if it ?? line, we gotta slide on em
Ride on em


I gots no problem kickin dust up wit punk ass little busters
Who wants to try to buck us, we grab these guns and bust em
I gots that tena millimetre in tha parkin lot
[CJ Mack] f**k em locc, we gots some b**ches at the Mariott


[Verse 3: (CJ Mack, Scarface)]

You motherf**kers better chill
Before you f**k around and lose and get your cap peeled
Jumps on the elevator, hops off the six floor
Knocks on the door of room 604
Gets greeted by the biggest pair of thighs you wanna see
With a pair just like a *?mona?* homegirl G
See, vee like the mix and vee like the twist of em
Face, you can hit it first and then we can switch
It ain't no fun if my homey can't twist a b**ch
I'll dare ya ass to try to run that 2PAC sh*t

I goes high-ho silver like the f**kin Moan Ranger
Playin here's out my di*k inside a total f**kin stranger
You f**kin with a Texas cowboy, I puts it down boy
You ready for the second go (You know it!)
I go two or three hours and I'm sendin these b**ches off on their way
(See ya!) You's a fool CJ!
(Nigga, how you like the southern California freakin?)
Dogg, I'll be back every motherf**kin weekend
It's Friday night

[Hook: CJ Mack]

Straight sellin with my Texas OG
Stayin sucka free as I L-O-C
It's Friday night
You motherf**kers better lay back
(Cos you can't see that Face)
Or it's just the nigga C-Mack

[Outro: CJ Mack]

Yeah Mr Scarface and CJ Mack
Puttin in much work for Rap-A-Lot and Rap-A-Lot West for the 9-5
You motherf**kers better stay down
Cos y'all punks couldn't see us with ultrasound
[Scarface] You motherf**kers couldn't see us with glasses on
He he, y'knowhutI'msayin?