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The Angels - Christian Death

Soundtrack: Diamond Cartel

Song Lyrics

The Angels Song Lyrics

Rubella, my love, some say we shall overcome
But the sickness bites hard
And yes, the razor's old
Their poisons braced in surrender
Killed every first born son
We were kneeling, dressed for burial,
Reaching for the knave
Heard voices laugh in the spirit at the
Plight of the living dead
A ghost at the bottom of my glass
Made it clear what they had said
"His devil's hear in a tinder-box,
This dog has turned away"
Well, I can't remember god when I'm...
And I'm drunk all day
Before I leave you, bring the demons on
Your beauty sleep brought to mind
A fever hung on the mid-wife's jaw
(Chorus) repeat
Some said I was wrong to dream that way
And some made light of death and sorrow
But death is

March, 13th 2017
Christian Death in this piece of a song sounds very similarly to Duran Duran’s ‘Come Undone’. To make sure of it, just play two songs one after the other and it will be too obvious to ignore it. This gothic rock is done in a way that it felt like you wanna die right after listening to it for the first time & there is no desire to listen to it again. There is a guy (a singer) that is too Goth to live. He sings about the old razor that is too senseless to cut the wrists and poison that will flow the veins. His very name – Death is as silly as only adult people may understand in their majority and ripeness of character.

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