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Diamond Cartel Album Cover

Diamond Cartel Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

Diamond Cartel Tracklist

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Diamond Cartel album description:

The low-graded and low-budget film with too epic trailer for senseless shooting from big guns in all sides. The first expression – it is about some criminal mobster’s balls bulging and nothing more. There are whites and there are Asians. And they shoot each other. The end. It has gathered Armand Assante, Michael Madsen, Bolo Yeung, Peter O'Toole, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa under one roof – probably, they just wanted to collect some cash into their pockets. Too grounded special effects come from the 20th century (not 21st), and not it’s most developed part, we should say. Armand Assante used to be sensible but ruthless bad guy decades ago. Now he is just ruthless bad guy. He has even lost his charisma during the way. A big piece of pity.
Trying to write about its soundtrack, it is even impossible to start from anything, to hook up onto something: all names of the list of performers are too second-hand or even third-hand to mention them. Hello, hey there! Does anyone know 3TEETH or Captain Beyond performers? Neither do we. The song ‘It's All in the Mind’ possesses some drug-poisoned thoughts in lyrics. While ‘Jupiter’, as it seems, does not hold any solid though in its lyrics at all. Only Goths can get high from something crappy like ‘The Angels’ made by too gloomy Christian Death performer (who is thus too funny and hilarious in his decadency but don’t tell him that, shush!, as he may be offended and do what will lead to what is said in his pseudonym).
Generally, we hope we will never see this film with our own eyes. Shame on you, Peter O'Toole, to participate in this piece of sh.

March, 13th 2017


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