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Noise lyrics - Soleil

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Noise Song Lyrics

He came home like any other night
Wishing she was home tonight
He knows that she’s away for days
He’ll have to wait until they play
Heads inside to mix tonic and gin
Lights flicker and start to dim
Then they go out, the thunder roars
Has no idea what’s next in store
Takes the long walk down the hall
Recalls a light he’s used before
Passes the bathroom door, it’s closed
And hears a noise behind the wall
He reaches where the flashlight stays
And sees his gun, takes them both away
He walks back to the sound he heard
Knowing that it couldn’t be her
He puts his ear up to the door
Hears the footsteps on the floor
Raises his gun fearing the worst
And takes a breath before the burst
Startled by the noise he heard
Something fell that changed his world
Fingers clenched the trigger tight
A bullet left not meant for flight
Heard a body fall to the ground
He steps back and looks around
Takes a breath and calls his girl
Thinking she could calm his nerves
And now the worst noise of them all
Her phone ringing behind the wall
The ring that she chose just for him
Was louder than it’s ever been
A sound that once brought so much joy
Was now a fatal noise
Now a fatal noise, fatal noise
Now a fatal noise