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Smash The Crowd lyrics - Public Enemy

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Smash The Crowd Song Lyrics

Hey (hey)
Hey (hey)
Hey (hey)
Hey (hey)
Come on
Haters gonna hate, fakers gonna fake
Breakers gonna break, neophytes gonna make mistakes
Sleepers gotta wake
I'ma say it again, I'ma say it loud
gimme a group not one man
To smash the crowd
We get panoramic across the stage
Like a whole planet, dammit
one man or one woman can't understand the group plan (plan)
Making of the band
Gimme some bass and guitar and some drums (drums, drums)
(God-god-goddamn) I get bored from R&B keyboards
Unless they cut like a sword, I bet on DJ Lord
On two turntables, do I say willin' and able
A lotta Serato revolving from old record labels
Party's over, oops outta time
Smashin' this crowd was designed
(Everybody now)
Smash the crowd
(Somebody say) Somebody say
(Somebody say) Smash the crowd
(Somebody say)
Ice with the enemy, Iceberg's the enemy
Smashers of this mosh pit, hardcore rap sh*t
Black mask sh*t, pop off get your ass kicked
Or worse, a casket, S1s who blast it (brrah, brrah, brrah)
I'm not happy with this soft hippy cotton candy
Bang the crowd hard or get the f**k out my yard
I crash crowds from all angles
Destroy bars like Hell's Angels
Bleed the needle from the left
Bleed it to the right
These vocals gone electric, loudness for these masses
Keep the catalog from fallin' apart
Reach teaching new tunes from them old masters (uh)
Excuse me? (Dynamite soul)
Greatest players playin', greatest band in the world
Greatest rhymers be sayin', "Greatest band in the world"
But what the f**k is the problem that this world ain't solvin'?
It's the get rich scheme and chasing the fake dream
I spit like a black Tech 9 with infrared beam
Been feedin' hip hop fiends since a teen
My mic still blow steam, I'm a mix between
Doc Strange and David Blaine, spittin' blue flames
Slow Flow smashin' the crowd like I smashed Jane
Fear of a black planet time to pop the chain
Cause Hip Hop got them goin' insane (going insane)
Smash the crowd
(Somebody say) Ho
(Somebody say) Somebody say
(Somebody say) Say, "Ho"
(Somebody say) Smash the crowd
Smash the crowd
Smash the crowd
Smash the crowd
Smash the crowd
Smash the crowd