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Lullaby lyrics

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Lullaby Song Lyrics

Aludj kicsi lanykam
Hunyd be szemecsked
Almod edes szarnyan
Suhanj konnyeden
Apukad eros kezen.
Elaludt a parnad
Elalszik a feny
Suhanj kicsi lanykam
Almod kek egen
Apukad eros kezen.
(Sleep, my little girl
Keep your eyes closed
On the wings of sweet dream
Fly undisturbed
On your daddy's strong hand.
Your pillow is asleep
Soon the lamp will sleep
Fly, my little girl
On the blue sky of dream
On your daddy's strong hand.)
That means "Father, doesn't it?
I remember that.
Jatekaid arvan
Varnak szerteszet
Egyetlen bogarkam
(Your little toys
Are asleep around you
Sleep my little angel)
Aludj konyeden
apukad eros kezen.
Sleep gently lulled
On your daddy's strong hand.