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You and I


You and I Lyrics

You and I Song Lyrics

This is an all too familiar scene
Life imperceptibly coming between
Those whose love is as strong as it could or should be.

Nothing has altered --

-- Yet everything's changed.

No one stands still --

Still I love you completely and hope I always will.

Why do we need to put love into words?
Causing confusion
We protest, explain
Reassure, in vain
Come to no conclusion.

I'd give the world to stay just as we are
It's better by far
Not to be too wise
Not to realize

Where there's truth there will be lies.

You and I --

We've seen it all
Chasing our hearts' desire
But we go on believing
Nothing can harm us
This is forever.

You knew better than me
Where your ambitions would take us
I knew sooner than you
That those ambitions would break us
You would not believe me
Why should you believe me?
I held you back
You and your dreams.

Who needs a dream?
Who needs ambition?
Who'd be the fool
In my position?
Year after year
I'm still denying
Anything's changed
Anything's dying.

But then --

You and I
We've seen it all
Been down this road before.

But I still go on pretending
Stories like ours
Have happy endings.