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November, 01st 2016
Blues. About the unpopularity of this melody says the fact that on YouTube it was watched for 3,108 times and it has only 13 likes. No one even has put a single dislike – it means nobody cares about the existence of this melody. Depressively-soporific – that's what this tune from the distant past may be named. Collection to this film begins to immerse us all further and further into the depths of sleep. A little more of such songs & our sleep will become a lethargic. Reference: More about The Four Aces, an American male traditional pop music quartet

Peg Of My Heart lyrics - The Four Aces

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Peg Of My Heart Song Lyrics

Peg o' my heart
I'll love you don't let us part
I love you I always knew it would be you
Since I heard your lilting laughter
It's your Irish heart I'm after
Peg o' my heart
Your glances make my heart say
How's chances come be my own
Come make your home in my heart