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Farmers Market Lyrics - Annie Ross

OST: Carol

Song Lyrics

Farmers Market Song Lyrics

Once there was a girl and she was right from the sticks
Thought she'd go out to the market one day
And hey, we could sure say of the town
She was the toast, really the most, we don't want to boast
But scads of lads would all surround her,
City slickers sure would hound her
She went to the market place and what did she did see
Crew cut and cute with a crazy goatee, what a blend
He was the end sellin' beans dressed in his jeans what a buy
She was heard to cry
I got beans at a bargain little girl, won't you step right up
Cast your eyes upon my ware and you will have no other care
There'll be no other worry there if you see the crazy fare you'll have
When they are cleaned and cooked and crazy on the table
I got them fresh this very morning from the backyard and i picked them all myself
I hope that you would come along and buy my beans
Because a what i'm trying to say is they taste so good
They taste so very very very good, take advantage of a bargain
Come on and buy some

We got string beans snap beans lima beans
We got the very kind of beans that i would like to put right in your pressure cooker
Pretty baby don't you see what i mean
They are the finest of beans, coolest of beans
They are the best beans that you could find at this or any other market place
What are you trying to prove will all your talk of beans
Yes i know that they look crazy but they are just beans only beans
And they will have to go cause there is something you should know
Although i think your beans are great, well you can leave them off my plate
Cause they're not my favorite dish
I like greens i can't stand beans
And i cannot stand to have those beans around me, and i will tell you further more
Although they are fit for queens i only like jelly beans
And now you understand just what my feelings are

Hey, let me say i am not the guy whose supposed to sell the beans
It's a means to you cause i knew that i should be your guy come baby
Let me try

Once there was drummer he was straight from new york
Touring the country with wardel grey and hey
We could sure say of the drums he was the toast, really the most
We don't want to boast but all the crazy chicks would sound him
All the crazy bands would hound him
Then one day he saw the one that made it that world
He met and married that same little girl, what a blend
They are the end they're a cool house with a pool
Crazy scenes, blame it on the beans

November, 01st 2016
2:43 of light pop, which is created in the style of salon music & lounge. There folk motifs could be heard from the people from the black continent and frivolity of Irish music that is free in the spirit. 1952 – how long ago it was, enough to change 3 – 4 generations. And if we talk about countries like Nigeria, Ghana and Swaziland, all 5 – the average age of the child's birth is about 16 years in that countries. It is well to listen & to sing along. The female recitative is peculiar.

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