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The Hurting Time

Annie Lennox Lyrics


The Hurting Time Lyrics

The Hurting Time Song Lyrics

To everything there is a purpose
To every blade of grass
And every leaf on every tree
Every livin' thing will surely
Come to pass
And what will be will be
That's when the hurtin' time begins

And all the things you never said
Or didn't have the strengh to say
And everything you ever did
That time won't ever wash away
Tears that you've been livin' with
Gonna lift the chains
Fears that you've been livin' with
Come runnin' down your face
Runnin' down your face
When the hurtin' time begins

So tell me what the day brings
Has it lost it's thrill?
Are you still searching
Hoping for that
Space to fill
Everything you turn to
Is like a mirror on the shelf
And the only one you're blaming
is yourself

A million little deaths you've died
The times that you've been crucified
The more you've loved and lost and tried
And still could not be satisfied
When will you be satisfied?
When will you be satisfied?
Not till the hurtin' time begins


October, 10th 2016
Not too much is heard from Annie Lennox in the terms of music recently. She is more like humanitarian ambassador in the world & activist, fighting against pollution & stuff. We liked her more when she was a songwriter & performer, though. Now she is 60+ years old with rusty voice. In this song, she tells of ending character of everything living. What would you feel if you had not say all the soft words you had to say to close to you people? Wouldn’t you regret? Then why don’t you tell?


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