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Bridget Jones's Baby  Album Cover

“Bridget Jones's Baby ” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

“Bridget Jones's Baby ” Track List with Lyrics

One of singers – Ed Sheeran – is also in the cast, in cameo. No one else of the singers to this soundtrack did like him. But amongst the people you know, you meet every person of the main cast of previous parts of Bridget Jones franchise – Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.
This is a 3rd film about Bridget Jones life. Two previous were very successful – they in 2001 and 2004 received over 250 million dollars each, with the budget 25 and 40 millions accordingly. This one came out with 11 years break and has 35 millions of the budget vs. pretty unpredictable box office revenues, as this time a story is loosely holds on a personal charm of Renée Zellweger depicting Bridget Jones, fancy English accents of almost every major person in this film and not so very interesting mystery of who the father of her child is. What we see on the screen is awkwardness of the protagonist with almost all flat jokes and a thin storyline, which is absolutely fully revealed in the trailer. What we do know – despite who the father of the child is – it would be either Colin Firth’s character or Patrick Dempsey’s character. You can exhale and relax.
As for the soundtrack – it is the same shallow as the plot of the motion picture. Lily Allen’s song with vituperative name is absolutely correlative with Miss Zellweger’s character’s essence – shiny but waspish, the same as the lyrics of this piece. House of Pain are represented with their only loud hit Jump Around, while Ellie Goulding is trying to impress everyone with her Still Falling for You, which is much more faded in lyrics and generally than her first hit song. Annie Lennox has demonstrated her husky voice in The Hurting Time, and since that moment, we pitifully no longer expect to hear anything that great from her as Love Song For A Vampire – her lovely voice is gone.

October, 10th 2016


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