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Maxim's I Lyrics - Julia Holter

OST: Bleed for This

Song Lyrics

Maxim's I Song Lyrics

Tonight the birds are watching me
Do they have more important things to do?
What of hearts in diamonds?
Oh I don't understand

Into Maxim's we will see them walk
Will they eat a piece of cheese or will they talk?
When they're loud enough we can hear their words
By night we are inquisitory birds
Some nights we are asked if we ever tire
Of gazing at their heels and everyday desires
Remember every dewy tale written of their loves?
Compare them to the ones they touch in front of us
We do not dance a story for you
Gil Blas bored whispers awakening the beast in me
Find your feet
Drink some blood
Say it to my face
If you want to be starting something

October, 21st 2016
Julia Holter is the official songwriter to this film. Many of her creations do not have lyrics and are purely instrumental, but not this one. Yes, the hissing sound at the beginning is quite annoying, but at the minute and a half, it eventually transforms in the singing. Well, if you actually call it singing. This is something in the style of searching oneself in the music field. This is extremely Indie style, soaked with folk and self-antagonistic understanding. The way a girl-singer pronounces the words, make the feeling like this song is sung by a female version of Charles Aznavour or like by Vanessa Paradis.
The lyrics of the song are literally about nothing. Indeed. Actually. How can be associated together: a light of diamond in the gaze and a piece of a cheese for a lunch? If you think they are, think again of cooperation between birds, inquisitors, everyday desires, dewy tale, dance, whispering, and drinking blood. Oh my, these aren’t interrelated anyhow!
Okay, so who is a girl? Julia Shammas Holter was born in 1984 (she is 31) and performs in these genres: baroque pop, art pop, electronic ambient, indie pop & experimental. What she is? A songwriter, singer, composer, record producer, and artist from LA. You have probably heard of her, if you live in USA – her latest album ‘Have You in My Wilderness’ scores the number 3 in the national US Heat (Top Heatseekers). In 2015, she started the official work on the biopic motion picture. This singer has an avant-garde, as they tell, works – she is far beyond the pop flow, which is easily heard and seen in this far too experimental song. ‘This thing is an outspokenly singular and enravishing album, murky but efficacious, impregnated with superlative, swerve songs, offbeat beyond ever sense distinguished or finical. From the title downstairs, you’re amazed by the significance of a craftsman who once appeared stringent and unapproachable nutating you into own macrocosm’ – this is what the performer says of herself and her creation to the press, according to The Guardian. Yes, she was in one rig with Martin Scorsese, who is the executive producer of this film, but hardly she worked with him directly during the production, as they were in way too different worlds – the world of making the music soundtrack and the world of filming the movie itself.
Okay, you may ask us, what does all this information do with the song here? That is our answer: the protagonist experiences the same clumsy and scattered feelings as represented in this song and here is the attempt to understand the sources of ones to tie up one with another. Tell us, what do we know about the singer? A rich girl from LA? That’s not all. What did she do is receiving the proper music education, after which she started to make own albums, and currently she has four of them. The first two were recorded mostly in the silence of her bedroom, as Wiki tells us, but starting from the 3rd one, she works with an ensemble of the singers (almost no one of them have a loud name). And her efforts were satisfied in the fourth album, which has become the breakthrough for a singer. So, who knows, maybe these songs in the soundtrack to the motion picture will become the basis of the fifth album of a singer, which would have an indelible impression on American listeners?
And the other reason why do we pay so much attention to this song is that every other song done by Julia Holter seems like depraved of lyrics, so we should indeed pay attention to reveal her inner cosmos.

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