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Music Video

Touch Down - KSI

Soundtrack: Baywatch

Song Lyrics

Touch Down Song Lyrics

Touch, down [x8]

[Verse 1: KSI]
Yo, let me touch down
Let me touch down for a sec
Calling me a star when I go on a track
Gonna get paid with a check
Can't find a place that don't know me
Can't find a site that don't show me
I know many that wanna' be me
But they can't be me 'cause I'm way too on it (owning)
Way too good when I'm owning
100 mil cause I'm owning
Shut up man and stop moaning
I break bread when I eat
Indirect with a tweet, if you wanna' have some beef
Control, alt and delete
Sign out and don't tweet

Touch, down [x8]

Everybody mad when I pull up in my car
White girl wicked and I know they pimping [?]

[Verse 2: Stefflon Don]
Anyway back to the matter

Touch, down [x8]

[Verse 3: KSI & Stefflon Don]
We so elite, you don't rate that
Aim for tough, you won’t get that, you won't get that
Copycats don't make it far, so tell your chances (au revoir)
Adios, sayonara
f**k you I'll make the drama, start a scene queen fit
Threesome with the main chick
Threesome with your main b**ch
Then go Waka Flocka with a choppa choppa
You done done it better than the other brother's
Other niggas shooting and I ain't talking cannons

Touch, down [x8]

May, 25th 2017
Yet another hip hop in the collection. Starts with a word ‘touchdown’ spoken several times, then starts the awesomeness of the guy, which he bulges at the forefront – he is speeding up in the fancy car, tells someone to stop moaning, they call themselves an elite, but don’t say why it is so. Then he says goodbye to someone on two languages – adios, sayonara & after as he told goodbye, he still continues and tells about having a threesome with some two chicks that isn’t canonical intimate relations.
Nothing spectacular, just yet another song that makes it forgettable in a minute after it ends.

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