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Baywatch Soundtrack CD. Baywatch Soundtrack

Baywatch lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2017

May, 25th 2017

Baywatch album description:

Okay, seriously – do you believe that Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson can be a Baywatch lifeguard in his 45 years old? He looks more like a millionaire movie actor – star, which he is. Zac Efron doesn’t really contribute to the reality of this movie, with all his super-fancy-luxurious style. Do you know how much are Baywatch lifeguards get paid? Definitely not enough to keep that sustainable way of living as these expensive people on the screen show.
But that may be a good thing – if you are tired of too expressive and boring films that are filmed lately, this little contribution to the happiness and good mood swings can be a gorgeous thing! Especially when you look at all trailers of this upcoming thing that are already lovely collected for your enjoyment here.
It is unknown what is the movie’s budget but it must be totally covered with its opening weekend that in a week from the releasing of this description is promised to be about 0.05 billion dollars (50 million if that sounds better to you).
The soundtrack is filled with hip hop (‘Everyday’ by A$AP Rockyy) and sometimes rap (‘BagBak’ by Vince Staples) songs, diluted by dancing items very rarely (‘Give It to Me Twice’). They all have a little meaning in their lyrics but a lot of amusing element. They may be listened in a road trip when you are driving your car, for instance, and want to stay tuned up, to prevent sleeping, and not to get too deep into the meaning of lyrics. With such a film, you will have even more energetic imprint – pretty people, muscled boys, curvaceous girls, beach, summer, swimsuits, and clapping buttocks – what else do you need for a complete happiness? This film will not make you neither think too much nor will leave you disappointed – everything for the extremely light leisure is served.
Reference: Find more about 'Baywatch' on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes

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