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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

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Love is Strange album description:

In this film, there are several actors of second value that have always been so – not so very famous, but were not quite languish in obscurity. Namely: John Lithgow, Alfred Molina and Marisa Tomei. They, one after another, rocked in the waves of popularity and now fate has brought them in this motion picture.
Solid film, which in generally was received well by critics. It shows the eternal themes that are familiar to a large quantity of people around the globe. Living with relatives of all ages, having radically different views on many things is a challenge. And even more so if you have gender preferences that are also differ. The film is about life, about relationships and about what it is – when you temporarily do not have your own corner to settle.
Support from the music is so very good. It maximizes the impression of the film. The highest quality music inserted in the soundtrack and in the plot with the soul, trepidation and great love. Nina Simone, which opens this collection of 19 compositions, deserves great respect. The voice of the singer is so fascinating that you soon forget, in what world you are – still on earth or already in heaven. Equally good in nature and in the quality the song Baby, You've Got What It Takes, which is made in the direction of pop. Coco Y Ron is just above all praise. The melodies like this really are one on hundred thousand. They are as rare gems that you have to find (sometimes accidentally bumping on them as we came in this collection). And then they must be carefully stored as the one’s eye. Tiptoe Gently – perfect song for a dance and just for a sensual evening together.
Most instrumental melodies are made by Idil Beret. They perfectly complement the tone. The same high quality collection we met in film named Black Mass, which was released in October 15.

February, 03rd 2017


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