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February, 03rd 2017
Nina Simone sung awesome jazz composition. The accession of voice goes with a little piano accompaniment. It relaxes and gives pleasure. It is perfectly to spend your evening under this melody, listening to the bass and piano, and small bells’ rolls. Very nice voice of singer distinguishes it from many other high-qualitative sounds, and it was her personal brand of stunning perfection. Reference: 'That's Him Over There' by Nina Simone on Deezer

That's Him Over There lyrics - Nina Simone

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That's Him Over There Song Lyrics

I see your face in this room full of faces
I'm trying hard not to stare
Strange to see you again, here of all places
That's him over there
My baby looks the same as he did when I met him
I'd know that laugh anywhere
It was so foolish of me to think I'd forget him
That's him over there
I wish I could be the girl at his side
The one who has taken my place
Can everyone see what I'm trying to hide?
Isn't it written all over my face?
Oh I guess that you know what extremes I have gone to
To prove that I didn't care
You were so anxious to meet the dream that I've hung onto
Well, that's him, that's my Jim, over there