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John Wick Album Cover

John Wick

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

John Wick Tracklist

John Wick album description:

John Wick is the man played by a star of The Matrix, Keanu Reeves. This Polynesian-Irish (according to one of his own confessions) handsome man acted as steep simpleton. So tough that he is sent to kill Death itself, when the need arises, according to one of the main characters in this motion picture. In general, as you already understood, it is a quality well action movie, which arises due to some misunderstandings (a certain boy wanted his car, and John denied). As a result, the boy turned out to be some kind of trash addict, takes his car and killed his entire family. And John was a cool killer previously, the world's best professional and kills and that boy and his father and another couple of hundred henchmen along the way. Moral: do not get anybody mad at the streets and don’t want his car, because you may be dead afterwards. For each strong fist, there exists a fist tighter.
The musical accompaniment of the film includes 29 songs and only five of them are not instrumental. Among the remaining prevails hard rock (the main representative of one is Brain Reaction, but Who You Talkin' To Man? is also included in the leaders in quality). There we have covers – The Sonics performed their option of the song named "Have Love Will Travel", which was originally made in 1965, but did not have the same dynamic sound, like this. Often covers on famous songs turn out better than the originals. Of course, fans of Elvis will argue with us now, but his song Can't Help Falling In Love With You, sung in the cartoon Lilo and Stich, sounds much more convincing than his own performance.
Kaleida performed sad, but rhythmic and wildly beautiful song, which sprays a fountain of specific energy, even melancholic one.

January, 27th 2017


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