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Infiltrator Soundtrack CD. Infiltrator Soundtrack

Infiltrator lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 16th 2016

Infiltrator album description:

Amongst the most prominent lyricists here are Leonard Cohen and The Who. Although one more band here had provided the impeccable and wit lyrics – they are named Rush and made a rock song Tom Sawyer. Thus, right from the beginning you may understand that the entire collection of tunes here consists only of high-spirited and wit items. Kiss Off, Everybody Knows – are bright representatives of ones.
‘This was an audition. You’ve got a part’ – tells the tough killer to a person who sits tied to a chair, frighten as hell. Thus ends the trailer of one of the most spectacular movies about drug trafficking, raised by Pablo Escobar and his associates in his time. It is the end of 1980-ies, so the whole entourage is covered with the same music, as already mentioned above – sturdy, hard and good. Benjamin Bratt played here a role, which totally differs from his sugary person in ‘Demolition man’ with Stallone and Bullock. There he was a cop and here he is a years-wised person, dealing with 80% of the Escobar’s trafficking. Pretty aged Diane Kruger (she is 40 in reality) depicts a seducing wife of the main infiltrator, who suppose to have this job his last, servicing as the police officer.
Bryan Cranston, depicting the protagonist, is 60. But looking at him, you believe he is 80 or even 90, as even Michael Douglas in his 71 and Richard Gere in his 66 look definitely better.
Along the way, we will behold the shooting, luxury living, car chases, private planes and many-many drugs & money. They are the essence of this film – to eliminate to incoming in the US traffic of illegal substances. We are not sure whether this motion picture will be recouped, but after 3 days being launched in the cinemas, it has collected only USD 0.7 million against its budget of USD 47.5 million. Not really promising…
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