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Ice Age: Collision Course Album Cover

“Ice Age: Collision Course” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

“Ice Age: Collision Course” Track List with Lyrics

We would never expect from a guy looking like Simon Pegg such great singing features. Although there are many singing stars in this movie, like Jennifer Lopez or Queen Latifah, they somehow not perform a single song in this collection. But this guy sang Figaro's Aria with perky lyrics and did it so professionally that left us stunned, seriously.
We also have pretty nice Jessie J’s song My Superstar, where she confesses in love to a ground sloth Sid (of course, on behalf of one of the characters, Brooke). Jessie J actually voices Brooke in a movie. It is remarkable that not an actor, but a science guy was invited to voice one of the characters – Neil deGrasse Tyson – whom we may know from The Big Bang Theory, as he is promoted there several times. Interesting concept, this should be taken as decencies in as many films as possible.
DreamWeaver is a song that contained here twice – first time, its original by Gary Wright, and the second is a cover by Trent Harmon. Thus, we should expect to hear the same lyrics in both, but we should tell you that probably you will adore two versions – they are different in the style of performance, but very soothing in the way they sound.
Several songs here are instrumental and it is no wonder – they are written by Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss, for instance. Thus, we can say that this collection will fit to lovers of several styles – beginning with ordinary pop, ending with classic creations, arias and lullabies.
This animated film you should look even for new adventures of a squirrel with its inalienable acorn that is so very stuck to its nature that we can even say it is already an inherent part. You will laugh not only at a squirrel, but at all those characters, which quantity becomes bigger and bigger in every next movie.

October, 16th 2016


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