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Horrible Bosses 2 Album Cover

Horrible Bosses 2 Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

Horrible Bosses 2 Tracklist

Horrible Bosses 2 album description:

Pretty funny comedy in a very American style, which has all the elements of living in this country:
to quit your job and to become a boss to yourself;
to organize and find a large buyer and take his order;
to make the first batch, and suddenly become bankrupt;
to break the law to save themselves.

There are many parodies included – how life works, how negotiations done, on small talks and on the main element of the film’s plot – the kidnapping.
Music also has a great variety here. In the collection, there are rap (Teach Me How To Dougie), pop (the brightest representative is Katy Perry), rock and others. As well as high-qualitative blend of genres, that heard just fine: jazz + rock (How Do You Like Me Now?), pop + rap (Throw It On Me). It is also not without Pit Bull, who, may be said, have become a visit card of movies with Jason Sudekis (played here one of the main roles among three and also one of producers of this motion picture).
Dedicated to all lovers of active music collections who admires not only the quality but also good sounding (with very few exceptions, because not all songs, unfortunately, in this collection are of very high quality but are mediocre). A collection of songs brings energy and beautiful images from the clips (most of them are very beautiful and the couple are in a cartoon style that look cute and funny).
You can learn from open sources about the plot of the film, but we only say that it has its own heroes and dolts. Many enjoy the continuation of the theme from the first part, from where went directly even more frank and desirable Jennifer Aniston, who just splatters her passion in all directions. Great pastime is guaranteed!

January, 23rd 2017


Horrible Bosses 2: IMDb, Wikipedia

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