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January, 23rd 2017
The Clash band, who performed this composition, decided not to create a lot of text. Such an impression that they limited with listing the days of the week (all seven pronounced at song, at least 4 times). Whistle of the locomotive, either arriving or departing, sounds like something natural in this psychedelic pop-rock. Active and energetic melody, at once charges you with vigor and confidence in the future. Reference: More info about "Sandinista!", the fourth studio album by the English band the Clash - Wikipedia

Police On My Back lyrics - The Clash

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Police On My Back Song Lyrics

Well I'm running police on my back
I've been hiding police on my back
There was a shooting police on my back
And the victim well he wont come back
I been running monday tuesday wednesday
Thursday friday saturday sunday runnin
monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday
Saturday sunday
What have I done?
Yes, I'm running down the railway track
Could you help me? Police on my back
They will catch me if I dare drop back
Wont you give me all the speed I lack