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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

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Anna Kendrick and John Krasinski are the leading pair of actors here. In addition, there is also wonderful and fantastically beautiful girl Mary Elizabeth Winstead – she is a star of several serial movies to this moment and currently she stars in the main part in the ‘Braindead’ serial movie, which is pretty funny, you should see it. It is about politics and the space brain bugs. In this movie, she depicts a former love of the main hero acted by John Krasinski, who says he feels nothing towards her, but in fact, they passionately kiss just in several minutes of being at two. Here she also plays incredible hottie, who is eager to settle her private life. Will she manage to succeed in it? Let’s watch the movie to find out!
‘I like Rebecca – she is pushy. Men need to be pushed’ – this is very true cite from a movie. Behind every great man, there is always a woman, who directs him, who wraps him in love hugs and who loves this man because he managed to achieve something she wanted him to achieve. So, women build-up men and thus, they build the whole world around us, staying in the shadows, not officially shining in the society.
What is interesting about this soundtrack – is its fill almost entirely with songs by one person – Josh Ritter (Wolves). We even may say this is his benefit. Indigo Girls are also pretty awesome (Closer To Fine), singing something fast, unlike Mr. Ritter. While other participants, The Head And The Heart with Winter Song aren’t particularly different from Josh Ritter’s lyrics with their own.
The entire soundtrack is devoted to god, higher powers and searching for oneself. This again turns us to Mr. Ritter’s lyrics, as literally in every song he does that – searching and turning the listeners in the grief.

October, 10th 2016


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