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Hands of Stone Soundtrack CD. Hands of Stone Soundtrack

Hands of Stone lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 08th 2016

Hands of Stone album description:

Rubén Blades is one of main actors and singers for the soundtrack of this movie. This Panama-born actor and singer is very productive. Recently, you may have seen this fellow in a serial movie by AMC Fear The Walking Dead (during 12 series). He has an extensive story of acting works since the long-gone days of his youth, which the most outstanding include: Predator 2, one episode in X-Files and Cradle Will Rock. As for singing, he has 50+ disks and that mostly recognizes him as a singer rather than the actor. But he is also good in acting.
Despite the presence of such big stars as Robert De Niro and Usher Raymond IV (Usher) in the main roles of the film, it was chilly accepted by movie-watchers: against the budget of 20 million, it has only collected USD 5 million after 1 month on the run. Maybe, US viewers were not so deeply pierced by Spanish songs and Spanish protagonist? Or didn’t it have enough preliminary commercial? Or just drowned in Suicide Squad’s and The Secret Life Of Pets’ hysteria? We don’t know. What we know – it is way below the budget. Does it have a chance to rehabilitate? Let’s think of it philosophically – in this world, everything is 50/50.
As we’ve already mentioned, Ruben Blades occupies the bigger part of the soundtrack with his smooth salsa ( Plastico, Ligia Elena) and Latin pop songs (Champions, done together with Usher). Listening to every piece from this collection, you realize that a person in his lyrics reflects something strong & real, like love to your country or eager to a championship, not like these snotty boys and girls, who constantly sing of love & their gloomy-pink feelings concerning it. A power is felt here, for real. We are proud that finally, we have heard something not connected with love in lyrics and so we know it is still possible in this world.

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