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Filth Soundtrack CD. Filth Soundtrack

Filth lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

February, 13th 2017

Filth album description:

British film from the creators of “The Transpotting” – for lovers of exclusive and even charming display of filth and dirt, which will pour on you by tons out of this film. It speaks about the many vices that are gathered in one person, and representing the police in addition. It has been spent USD 5 million on the film, while it collected only USD 8 million. You can call such box office as a failure.
The musical selection is fairly different from the horribly primitive man that is displayed on the screen. He is run by baser emotions, and is directed to self-destruction through an endless series of excesses. A soundtrack basically collects everything with pretty high quality. For example as Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, which is very qualitative pop. The song Creep is a cover of composition, well-known to us. Resilient Tom Jones made a song entirely in his style. Think of all the compositions from this nice and good-natured old fellow that only come to mind and you’ll figure out this one. So this song that is here – Dr. Love – is exactly the same funny, energetic and wild. Very few young musicians and singers can boast with the same energy as his songs do and same positive attitude to life.
Clint Mansell gave us a whole heap of songs, which are either classic or rock, which represent this composer as quite versatile personality. He has several ideas in stock for not one hundred of future songs. We will be happy to wait music news from him to penetrate with all our fibers into new sounds from this fellow. We loved this guy for his ability to create a sound that goes straight in you. This collection will provide you with a good sound for about two hours at the expense of basic and additional compositions in its contents.

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