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February, 13th 2017
The indefatigable old buddy Tom Jones made another pop song with explosive energy therein. Probably, no one sang about the medical treatment by doctor so fervently. However, girls-dancers in his video move in a strange way, drawing heads in own shoulders. And it seems like they do not know how to dance in general, and are only able to rave with everything that is happening in the picture. At least, you are provided with excellent and sublime mood from this melody. Reference: 'Dr. Love' by Tom Jones on Spotify

Dr Love lyrics - Tom Jones

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Dr Love Song Lyrics

He's got the potion and emotion
When I'm feeling low, when my love starts to glow
He's got the power every hour
He's the reason why my face is all aglow
Just one kissin' his lips as I'm taking Vitamin C
Oh you can imagine what the doctor does to me
Doctor Love, he can kill my every pain
He can make me well again
Doctor Love, he ain't got no competition
Only he writes smart prescription
Doctor Love, Doctor Love, hu...Doctor Love
I needed a major operation
Never thought that I'd survive from my broken heart
He took me in anticipation
You better believe, he knew where to start
There's no need for me to need an apple everyday
Oh, he saw enough in me to take the pain away
Dr. Love, he don't need no office life
'Cause he operates at night
Dr. Love, what he does is keep me well
What he does I'll never tell
Dr. Love, sweet Dr. Love
Dr. Love, Dr. Love, Dr. Love, Dr. Love, Dr. Love,
He ain't got no competition