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Father Figures Album Cover

“Father Figures” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

“Father Figures” Track List with Lyrics

‘Father Figures’ is a movie you wanna see just for the entertainment. It is nothing that deep or unexpected one might guess. A story is not sophisticated: a mother tells her two 40-years old sons they probably have the other father than the one they used to call their dad. Someone of four in the pictures. So they travel to other destinations to meet their potential fathers. The sons are different – one is weighed and restrained, while the other is full of bursting sexual and life energy. So they definitely have two different fathers. Now, they have to find out, which one. During their ride, they’ll face some hilarious moments but you should consider that the biggest time of the film is not a comedy but drama and conversations of main heroes.
Actually, the entire set is holding on two people: Owen Wilson and Ed Harris. They give their charm to the motion picture, being close antagonists to each other, fighting and arguing about that all the time, giving different views on every more or less disputable situation.
The soundtrack is calm and presents almost no loud names, only a few: Neil Diamond and Tim Myers. Soothing lyrics and vocals of Can't Hold Out on Love are done by a young performer named Jason Mraz, whose uprising is yet to come. ‘He Ain't Heavy...He's My Brother’ is one of the most soul-giving songs we’ve ever heard, its lyrics are fond of and filled with love and compassion of one brother to another – it is definitely a thing in this film representing two adult brothers.
Lie Awake and Dream is about hardness to be sole when you’re young – you have to have support from anyone and it is hard to walk through life trying to figure things out and find a new home for you. The film is almost about the same – finding a home with a new dad.

January, 09th 2018


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