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Drugstore June Album Cover

Drugstore June Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2024

Drugstore June Tracklist

Drugstore June album description:

An Inside Look: "Drugstore June" - Mixing Up Comedy and Inner Learnings,

A New Way of Seeing Comedy:
"Drugstore June", its a film that was got released in 2024 and June, a young girl, who, trying to solve barriers of a local crime while seeking for independence is the humor-filled life that brings the fun element, Directed by Nicholaus Goossen and the comedian Esther Povitsky can be seen. This movie makes a perfect mix of comedy with drama shades mystery, and the viewer get connected to all the life adventures of the adult that june wants to become from a life full of unexpected hurdles! This film tells the story of June's life. It's all about realizing ourselves, Love. And the journey filled with mixed emotions of growing up, A punch of laugh and a piece of thought for the brain are guaranteed.

Music Adding Into the Film:
The soundtrack is something to talk about as it was one of the main highlights, and none other than the Dixie Cups, The Voidz, Com Truise comprising it from the amazing tunes like "Girls Can Tell" to "Morning Eyes" filling emotions into the scenes and settings, adding more depth into the storyline and feel.

The Mind Behind the Original Score:
Alex Geringas, quite famous for his work on "Arlo the Alligator Boy" and "TrollsTopia", had created the soundtrack, making a positive impact on the auditory experience, The film’s storyline is really complemented by the funny but yet deep.

Looking Deep into the Cast:
Apart from Povitsky, the cast is filled with stars like Beverly D’Angelo, James Remar, and Haley Joel Osment,, they bought their individual styles into the film. The story, structure gets beautifully layered by their performance. "Drugstore June" is funny filled, new to the comedy genre adding its weightage. After the dog barked, the film just becomes irresistible. And when it comes to comedy, we cannot resist a good laugher, do we?

March, 18th 2024

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