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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

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‘The Dinner’ is hard to explain. It is about talking, emotions, crime, investigation, protection, and mutilation of someone’s hopes for justice. It is not about collecting a huge box office, but it is about telling a story in the narrative and thrilling way in which the sharpness of depicted characters and their revealed secrets prevail over the essence of narration, exposing the distorted logic and controversial inner worlds. The plot is only holding while the four people are sitting at one table discussing their kids’ future, as the latter ones had committed a crime but had not been disclosed yet. The one that calls himself the wisest among this gathering is depicted by Richard Gere and he proposes to hand all cards on the table to let their offspring go to jail. Someone is standing at the protectionist position, the other one – at the accusative but despite the essence, it is one of those films where the way HOW it is uncovered is way more significant than WHAT is uncovered.
The film’s soundtrack has collected many hard and sophisticated singers and their songs – Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and others. They have sad songs that reflect over the past actions (‘Blue’) or the life in general (‘These Days’), and some of them like ‘Harry Barry ’ have aggressively complicated lyrics. The entire mood of this collection is rather depressing, following its lyrics.
The box office is collected way too small. Its insignificance even depressing – a hard and strong film like this would have run better than it did. Maybe, something will change, but its limited release and nothing-happening-but-only-quarrelling narration may seem too uninteresting for public. Slightly over 1 million collected dollars underscores the number of wise people in our globally-populist world.

May, 25th 2017


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